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Solar is Our Specialty

We offer

  • Bespoke Renewable Energy Projects,
  • Energy Audits,
  • Residential & Commercial Solar Solutions
  • Load Shedding Backup
  • Genset Integration
  • Systems Maintenance and Support

Need a quote? We offer FREE energy audits.

We walk a journey with our clients and make sure an accurate quote is generated. 

Prefer an online assessment?

Your house and business are unique. Each solar project is different. Each site is different. When we do a solar assessment we consider a lot of factors to get to your optimal solution in terms of price, savings, technicalities and power requirements.

Skill-based Installations

We are focused on the right skills. Our skill set makes sure that all the quality control measures are followed during and after installation such as:

  • Adaptable solutions for your energy needs.

  • Meticulous panel placement

  • Accurate Inverter and battery placement

  • Neat and efficient cable runs

  • Safety measures

  • Proper Genset integration

  • Accurate and meticulous inverter integration,


Data-Powered Proposals

Our proposals are based on detailed energy audits. We make sure you get what you expect and more. We install robust systems 100% of the time.

Next Generation Technologies

We source our customized solar solutions from all the reliable brands. We make sure our clients receive the most up to date technology at an affordable price, backed by warranties.


Scroll to see the work we have done. No project is too large or too small for us.



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Finance Application Assistance

Two options are available when financing your solar system:

  1. The first option is one which strategically often comes off more affordable to the client from an interest rate point of view. Here we offer our compliance and advisory services by communicating with your company's private banker by way of introduction by yourself. Your bank will mostly likely have all the information they need to give you financing and all the major banks are finding solar installations quite palatable. In most cases your banker will get in touch with the energy department at the bank and we then spearhead giving them all the information they need(this includes financial information, bill of materials, quotes etc). Having this private banker reference often makes things easier.

  2. The second option we have is that we can use a third party finance company that we work closely with. They give reasonable interest rates and have less red tape in terms of administration and documents needed. This will require a list of personal business information such as financials and recent bank statements etc. All of these remain strictly confidential.


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